Who We Are

We are passionate pongites on a mission to transform gaming, and are committed to creating the Ultimate Player Experience.

Our Strength is in our Pongites

We’re an eclectic group of individuals who thrive on creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking. We support Self-Improvement, and surround ourselves with Amazing Colleagues, while working on BIG challenges!

Our Values


Be Silly

Be Honest 

Be Kind


Stocked Kitchen

In a rush in the morning? We got you covered with a daily assortment of breakfast options. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we want our brilliant minds fueled for the adventure.


We offer a complimentary Candy Bar – your dentists will Thank You 😊


If you cannot live without caffeine like us, we have an arsenal of great coffees, espressos or lattes just for you!


A fully stocked vending machine with an assortment of goodies at a discount; all monies received from vending machines are donated to the Sick Kids Hospital. 



On-Site Chair Massage

We are constantly striving to invigorate and motivate our employees. We offer subsidized onsite massages which heighten employees’ sense of wellness, calm, relaxation and belonging, which in turn reduces workplace stress and improves productivity.




Health Benefits

We offer all Full-Time employees a full benefits package including health, dental, paramedical, life and disability as well as a healthcare spending account.



Career Development and Conferences

We love providing our employees with opportunities to learn. Enjoy training and coaching, tuition reimbursement, industry conferences and events to further knowledge and enhance skills.



Free Parking 

GoodLife Gym Memberships

We care about our employees and want them to be happy and healthy in all aspects of their lives. We encourage our team to improve their physical health, boost their energy levels and enhance their mental capacity, by offering All Access GoodLife Memberships. Employees can enjoy all of the great benefits including access to many great classes at a time that is convenient for their schedules.


Ice Cream Fridays

What’s not to love about Ice Cream on a hot summers’ day? Every Friday in the summer, we provide employees with complimentary Ice Cream that’s wheeled around the office. We’ve even been known to call in the Ice Cream truck on occasions!


Flexible Hours

We believe that a work-life balance is essential to a happy and healthy environment. By offering flexible hours, our team can create their own schedule.

Social Events / Gatherings

 We frequently celebrate our achievements by having BBQ’s, themed social events, poker nights and holiday parties to name a few. All work and no play makes for a dull company.



Get Your Cake On!

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Every month we celebrate our employees’ birthdays with a little singing, mingling, and of course, birthday cake. Oh, what fun!